Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mak's Lego Marble Run

Mak spent a lot of time creating, and to give you a glimpse into who he is you have to listen to his explanation. I promise that "thereby" is not a word I use when I talk to him! Even though you can't see as much as I wish you could, I think you grasp the complexity of it by how detailed his description is. You will also have to excuse Kayte's screaming in the background.

Also take note of his face when it actually works!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

pumpkin carving

When my family was here we carved the pumpkins that we had gotten at Apple Hill.

Bubba was the main carver, and he tried to do what each boy asked for.
Mak wanted to do his own, and was quite private about it.

Chatham had fun cleaning them out.

When Bubba asked Jack what kind of pumpkin he wanted, he said "a grumpy one". So here we are with his grumpy pumkin. Mak's turned out

really cool as a skeleton pumpkin, and Jack's grumpy pumkin actually made him happy. So we have a Happy Jack and a grumpy Jack-o-lantern.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Lolly the Trolley tour of Cleveland

We took a trolley tour through Cleveland the other day. It was something that the Great Grandma's could handle, and it was also an opportunity to mix "fun" with learning.

We learned a lot of interesting things about Cleveland. Did you know:

  • Rockefeller developed a consistent buring oil (kerosene) which he called the "Standard" - and by the way, the bi product of it is gasoline, which they had no use for so they threw it away.

  • Paul Newman got his start here.

  • So did Chef Boy-ar-dee

  • Cleveland was the first outdoor electrically lit city.

  • We have one of the few free Art Museums left, and it has Marie Antoinette's bed in it.

  • Cleveland is where the traffic light was invented

  • It has one of the last working swing bridges

  • Mail delivery was started here.

  • Bob Hope's father built one of our bridges.

  • Moses Cleveland, who whom the city was named, only lived in the "city" 90 days.

  • There are several churches that were used in the underground railroad, one with a literal underground tunnel (pictured).

  • The city had a bell that was rung to warn people to hide their runaway slaves.

  • I wrote all these so that I don't forget :)

When the tour started we were told there would be one stop, but not told where. Would you believe it was a greenhouse?

My fun kids

My fun kids
In their favorite tree