Monday, July 24, 2006

Aunt Kayce

Aunt Kayce
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No matter how many times I tried, or how many different times, the pictures of the boys with their aunt Kayce would not download onto that last entry. I guess she was meant to have her own entry!

She was so good to the boys, she spoiled them with gifts and her time. They all had so much fun sleeping in the R.V. with her and all the other things we did in the short amount of time we had together.

Sunny (hot) California

Despite the heat we kept very busy on our trip to California. A good question would be 'What didn't we do?" We celebrated birthdays with many presents, went swimming, fishing, bowling, horseback riding, miniature golfing, roasted marshmallows, slept in an R.V.(well, the kids and their aunt Kayce did), visited with family - a highlight of the trip - went to LEGOLAND, and laughed a lot.

We went fishing with Ezekiel and his Mom Gen. It was a lot of fun, since we went to a fish farm and each child was guaranteed a catch.

Little Kierah was thrilled to have her cousins visit from out of town, though she wasn't so excited about getting her picture taken, neither was Jack. Her Mom should have a baby girl by the time anyone reads this (today was her scheduled inducement day).

Mak loved driving in Lego town.
All those "people" are made from Lego's and this little driving course had actual stop lights and signs that the kids had to follow. They got their "driver license's at the end".

The Men went on an hour and a half horse ride through the mountains, while the women and Jack waited. Unfortunately we forgot to give them a camera, but they said the views were spectacular!

Can you see Jack below the huge Lego Giraffe? He and Mom went for a walk while his brothers build cars inside and raced with other kids.

Chatham turned six and lost his first tooth while we were out there!

Mak enjoyed just sitting and fishing without bait. We called it his Tom Sawyer moment.

TJ's highlight is always miniature golf where he gets special treatment and is allowed behind the counter to "help" as well as get in as much practice as he wants.
We had fun with young to old, Jack all the way to Grandma played the whole course.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Brotherly Love


All Dressed up
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Nina stopped by for a visit and wanted an updated picture of her and the boys. They went all out for the occasion! TJ tried to get a picture of him "flying" from the table to the couch, and Chatham's roars were continuous. Mak went lion and tiger hunting and Jack, for the most part, just smiled.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

July Birthday "Party"

Sunday Best and BBQ
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For the van Wingerden family it would be a bit much to celebrate each individual birthday so we take one day and celebrate anyone who has a birthday that month. For example we recently celebrated the July Birthdays which include, TJ, Chatham, Keri and Aunt Connie. We tried something different this year, instead of being at home, we went out to eat at a BBQ place right after church. Some how we managed to stay mostly clean. The weather didn't allow for swimming when we got home, but we still opened gifts and had cake!
Here is a picture of most of the cousins, only the babies, Gracie (6 months) and Blake (3 months), are missing.

Pregnant Profile

Six months and counting...
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I have had several people ask me to post a picture of me pregnant. Here I am at 26 weeks on my 33rd Birthday. Three months to go, or if you want specifics 90 to 94 days left (according to my "window" of due dates between October 7 & 11). Another September baby sounds good to me though!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Dirt and Baseball

We had a fun baseball weekend with about 25 friends and family (half kids half adults). While most of the adults got involved in a friendly, yet competitive game, the kids were forced to find other things to occupy their time. They were actually given permission to play in the dirt. Jack has that "sport" mastered. By the end of the game the kids were making dirt angels, waiting patiently for the adults to finish so they could each have their turn at bat...and of course Jack has to do everything the big kids do so he picked up a bat and stood at homeplate. David helped him to hit and even run the bases. It was an evening we are going to try and repeat!

My fun kids

My fun kids
In their favorite tree