Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May birthdays

Out to lunch with the whole family including the grandkids.
First try with four of the youngest...not bad
Next try with all but one...not too good :)
Kayte waiting patiently to go swimming.
She watched the big kids from this window until it was her turn.
Finally, pool time with Daddy.
Spoiled kid, birthday cake brought to her in the pool!
I can't believe Hannah is NINE! She is our oldest niece.
In all fairness to her this was the most relaxed birthday
party we've had in a long time, and it was for four other people too, including David.

Memorial Day

This is David standing at his Grandfather's grave with TJ and Chatham.

We finished our Memorial Day by visiting the grave site with a large part of David's family, including his grandmother. This cemetary is walking distance from our home and even though we drive past it almost daily we don't visit often. It made me miss my own grandfather - the last time I saw him I was pregnant with Jack, who is putting the flag in in this photo.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Being outside

The other day the poured the steps to our basement and we happened to arrive right when they were starting. The boys enjoyed watching from beginning to end.

While the big boys were down exploring the creek Jack, Kayte and I were playing on the trampoline. I was relaxing and enjoying actually having sunshine when Jack laid on me and said "There's a monster on your back!" Since I had my camera I took a quick picture. Summer is so much fun!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

just life

I haven't been taking too many picutures because we've been so busy. Here are a few of the kids just messing around.

The one of Chatham is after he had been hiding under his blanket and he "couldn't take the light"

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sometimes life isn't fair to TJ :)

Last week David had some work to do at church. He had to cut up some concrete so it can be removed. He remembered to bring everything he needed, but when he transferred vehicles T.J. - ironically - didn't hear him say to get the ear plugs. Being Dad's assistant T.J. paid for that by having his ears ring into the next day. He didn't sleep well, and fell asleep the next morning while I was reading to the boys. David thought the stuffed animals was a nice touch
(T.J. never saw them).

Then yesterday T.J. had an appliance put in his mouth in order to pull his jaw forward and straighten it out...good ole' vW mouth!

He's excited about the ice cream he has gotten to eat, but would really like food. The appliance supposedly takes about a week to get used to. He's sore and frustrated....and I don't blame him.

At least he has Prince Caspian the movie to look forward to tonight!

A Glimpse into Kayte's personality

My house was strangely quite and as I looked around I couldn't find three of my children. I walked into Mak and Chatham's room and called his name. At that moment Kayte, Chatham and Jack sat up in the top bunk bed. Chatham was reading Green Eggs and Ham to them. These are the pictures that follow. I thought they showed off Kayte's spunk and silly personality.

My fun kids

My fun kids
In their favorite tree