Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Horse and Bugggy

When I went to Wal*Mart today - 5 miles down the road from our home - the parking spot across from me was occupied. I think I have only see this spot used once before. I wish I had my camera and not just my phone with me. If you can't read the signs they say
"horse and buggy parking only"
The funny thing to me was the buggy was parked several spots down from the horse.
I thought it quite ironic that the background of the picture is the gas station
the price is $1.76 per gallon.

I actually saw the two ladies inside the store. They were looking at a protein drink mix. They obviously looked at quite a few other things because they were there when I arrived and I caught a glimpse of them leaving after I had run another errand down town.

So here you have a little bit of an idea of the area we live in, and the weather we are having.

Monday, January 26, 2009

From Sand to Snow

These pictures seem a world away, and I guess in a way they are. It's just hard to believe that this was only a few weeks ago. But I don't have any other pictures, at least not with me...there are sledding adventures to be chronicled, eventually.

The kids discovered how to dig up sand dollars, here is one of them. Here Jack, Gracie Hannah and Chatham bury their feet.
Todd, Hailey and Chatham enjoy their favorite thing - drinks in the pool. How many Strawberry smoothies can a kid consume in a week?
David with Kayte on the beach...they had a lot of fun together.
TJ struggles with being in the sun too much. He actually prefers the snow we have at home right now. Jack and Kayte.
TJ and Mak ringing in the New Year ....this was just a bit before the dancing started.
My kids and me on New Year's Eve.
My pretty beach girl.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Videos - because I figured out how!!!!

It took me a week to figure out how to get videos off my camcorder (something we got a while back but haven't used a lot - probably because it takes too much work to figure out). I had to email the company twice, and download special software and then watch a tutorial...oh how I miss my other camera!

The clips are from our time in Twain Harte. First, Kayte with her Bubba, and then the special deer that visited us each morning...we called it Noel.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Prepare to smile... I am ok if you laugh, we do every time we watch.

The Christmas clip is Mak, Chatham, TJ and Kierah shaking their booties with the toy Santa at Bubba and Nana's house. (I think this was funnier in person but still...)

The New Years Eve clip below is dark, the participants asked not to be identified - but the silhouette adds to the effect. We were actually leaving the party but Jack needed to go potty. So the background is the entrance to the men's restroom. :)

It's a Dog's life

TJ was in his first play this weekend. He was a humble 6th grader invited to join in on the Junior High presentation of Charlotte's Web...He played a dog. His one "line" was "woof". He basically got to ham it up on stage, chasing a cat, lick out of his bowl and smack the baby spiders.
He had a blast!

This is him with his best buds, Zachary and Scott.

The cat - Tori

Charlotte - aka Shelby.

With Templeton above, and his Dad below.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Christmas at a glance

A few of our Christmas pictures

Our California Trip

I have way too many pictures to sort through before I am able to post about our actual trip to California for Christmas, but I have a nice story of our adventures of going to and from.
Let me start out with the fact that we were truly blessed to be able to go out, and with so many people whose flights were cancelled during the Christmas season we are thankful we made it at all.
Our adventure began with packing - which took several days. I felt quite prepared as we arrived the proper 2 hours early for our flight. We zoomed through check in and security, sat down only to hear this:
"Our plane is here, our Pilot is here, but our flight crew is stuck in Newark. We are doing our best to get another flight crew"
Long story short, we were supposed to arrive at LAX at 8:15 pm, but got in at 11:45 (which was 2:45 am to our bodies). We got all our luggage - they had plenty of time to get that on the plane - lugged it to the car rental shuttle stop and waited. And waited. And waited. We saw every shuttle bus but the one we needed. After a few phone calls we learned that the company we had chosen closes at 11:00, but another one would honor our order. So we piled all our bags onto the next bus and rode on over. There we were told they didn't have a vehicle to fit our family. Since it was 1:30 we decided on a hotel. Some man who felt sorry for us gave us a ride to the hotel.
All through this whole ordeal there was not one complaint from our kids.
Though TJ did ask what else could go wrong :).
The next day we finally got our rental van and began the 5 hour drive to Bubba and Nana's.
We had to stop at In-N-Out Burger,
because we are deprived of it in Ohio,
and Kayte had her first taste.
About three hours later she puked it up.
On our drive up Highway 99 we always look for the "Pine and the Palm".
David managed to snap this great picture of them.
This is the center -between the northern most point and the southern most point - of California. Two trees are planted side by side, a Pine Tree and a Palm Tree.
(If you're ever on that route it's just south of Madera).
I don't have a photo for how our trip ended. I only thought of taking a picture after it was all over. On our return drive south, we stopped at another In-N-Out Burger, and an hour later Chatham vomited it all over. Maybe we need to do some rethinking on our dining....
As a "gut reaction" to the sounds and smells, Kayte also threw up. It was quite a mess!!!!
Through all of this we kept thinking of things to be thankful for.
For one uncle Cameron had some plastic bags in his car.
Also we weren't heading to the airport, but to Aunt Kayce's where there was a washing machine!

My fun kids

My fun kids
In their favorite tree