Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sinter Klass Day

We started a tradition last year with the vW family. We celebrate Sinter Klass Day. Here Opa is reading the kids a story about Sinter Klass - actually he is translating it because Sinter Klass stories are only written in Dutch. The kids all got a pair of clogs (instead of stockings), and then they are given clues and have to go hunt for their gifts.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kayte's waddle

We were early to church the other night and this pew had been moved away from the wall. Kayte thought it was the funnest thing ever to walk back and forth behind it. This will give you an idea of how she is walking. She never crawls anymore but you can't say she is stable on her feet.

Faithful man

Last night the children from church went to a nearby nursing home to visit a very dear man. Gerhard, or Mr. Reznicek to the kids is slowly fading. This old man with a thick German accent is hard noy to love. He has been a faithful member of our church since before I was born, and it is so neat to go and see him and to see how special the children are to him. This is the second time we have visited and each time we sing and the children share the bible verses they have learned. That is when he closes his eyes and takes it all in. There is nothing more special to him than hearing praise given to His God. His days here on earth are numbered, but he assured his wife before a recent surgery that he has nothing to fear, and that if he doesn't make it through he'll be waiting for her in heaven. They celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary next week.

Friday, December 07, 2007

That's a bad word.

Jack asked to do something while I was on the phone, and I said no. His brothers tried to enforce what I said, and things got messy. Watch the video and you'll get the main idea, however what I didn't catch was Jack saying to me "Mom said yes" to which I replied, "Mom said 'no'". Then he said, "that's a bad word don't say that". I was trying to keep a straight face!

By the way, the blanket on the left his his "blanket" the blanket on the right is his "nother" blanket, and both are required for bed time. If we just have the one, we hear "where's my nother blanket?" and the search is on.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


For a few weeks now Jack has been saying "the snow is coming" and yesterday it did. This is Jack's first year to really get out and play in it and he's been having a ball. He went from just playing in it yesterday to hogging the sled today!

Here is a video of what the boys call "snow surfing". They are not as close to the road as the video makes it look!!!!

As we build our next house and get excited about everything that will be new, days like this remind us of some of the things we'll miss. No sledding hills just outside the door.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I have made a discovery!

Kayte has been by far the most difficult eater of our kids, for two reason first being she is picky and second being because she is Houdini can weasel her way out of any highchair, or shopping cart that we strap her into. Besides oatmeal she will accept nothing on a spoon - never took more than one mouthful of any baby food. (She does like unusual things like cucumbers and pomegranates). So I fill her oatmeal with dehydrated fruits and veggies just to get nutrition down her. But I realize earlier this week, that she is a stinker, and wants to be independent. I sat her in her highchair with some veggies and a fork. She sat for 20 minutes! I didn't once have to tell her to sit down, and she ate. You would think after four other kids I would have thought of this sooner!

Thanks for checking in on our family. For those of you faithful viewers I am sorry there weren't posts last week. We've had the sick bug working it's way through the family. So we've had a couple kids "stay home from school" (What do you call it when it's a home school situation? - "take the day off?") Anyway, our routine has been thrown for a loop. On a different note, despite the amazing cold outside, there is actually progress on our house. They are pouring the walls for the first floor this week, and soon getting the ceiling put in so they can move up the the second floor. We are hoping to have a roof on by the New Year, but with construction and weather being what they are....well, you never can tell.

Jack the costume King

I think it is daily that I have to put on Jack's Spiderman gloves and outfit, or a fireman jacket, or one of the many other things in our costume trunk. He came to me the other day looking a little like this (sometimes he has his superman outfit with the goggles or some other unusual combination. ) I asked who he was, and he said "I'm Goggle Guy". He is so much fun right now, talking up a storm. He is my cuddle kid, and often he'll yell for me, and when I finally answer he yells "I LOVE YOU". But the phrase I hear most (besides "I want milk") is "Will you hold me?" How can I pass that up?

Christmas Decorating

Yesterday while his brothers were playing cards with a friend, Mak couldn't pull himself away from the basic legos he got for his birthday (The Star Wars ones were all assembled within a day). He had no designs, just his imagination. We don't have our real Christmas tree, but we have a lego one, a candy cane, a santa hat, a reindeer (my favorite) and a Santa. What more could you want?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Racing Tracks

Ok, you know how when little kids are playing with something they feel obligated to dump the whole box out? Well that's what Jack did with all our cars and tracks the other day. Because of that some of the tracks ended up on the bean bags near by...that lead to this. I have to tell you that not one of these tracks are actually connected.

Look who's Nine!!!!

Mak and Todd shared a birthday party the night before Thanksgiving. It was a Lego night if I have ever seen one, both of them LOVE Lego's! A few days later Todd even came over and got to help Mak finish one of his big kits.
Mak was truly Thankful for everything he got, but we all were a little nervous to see how he would respond to his new Indian's Sweatshirt. You see Mak is not the sports fanatic that T.J. is and a few years ago Uncle Wesley bought him an Indian's sweatshirt to which Mak angrilky replied "Uncle Wesley, I don't like Baseball". Last week made his parents proud by being genuinely thankful for his sweatshirt, and stating he has learned to like baseball.
He was very excited about everything!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving Service at Church

This year as part of our Church's annual Thanksgiving service the children recited some verses. If you have the time to listen you will be impressed. Philippians 4:4-9 - the beginning is: "Rejoice in the Lord, always." Appropriate for Thanksgiving since without Thankful hearts there is no rejoicing.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Can you tell she had brothers?

Here's a short clip showing two things. First, it might be time to start buying Kayte some girly toys. Second, how well she is walking. She is walking most of the time now, except when she is playing with cars.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

TJ Mak and Chatham's piano recital

TJ was the "star"of the show, because he was asked to play the offeratory also.

Mak actually had a touch of the nerves...not like him. At home he is flawless.

Chatham played a duet with his teacher...I'm not sure what it was supposed to sound like.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Grandpas and Wood

On our new property we have quite a few trees, so David felt justified in getting a chain saw and an axe. We have one large tree that had fallen before we purchased the land, and David has been trying to convince the boys that it would be fun to try and chop up. They are now hooked!

And of course you've gotta love the protective eye gear.
As I was watching him teach the boys how to chop I had many memories come back to me. I never actually went wood cutting but I have tons of memories of my Grandfather convincing my dad to go. Dad lovingly went, but it was Grandpa who loved it. I shared this story with David and then asked where he learned how to split wood. He said "My grandpa". Now there is something special we can share with the kids!

Ice it really time for that already????

For a school activity the boys went ice skating...something they LOVE to do. Thankfully it was an indoor rink. They even had an upper lounge where Jack, Kayte and I got to go and watch.

For me it was one of my least favorite days of the year, when we have to pull out all the winter gear and hope it all fits. I think it took us an hour just to find gloves, coats and all that other stuff for everyone. Even though last year I was SO organized and bought each person in the family a plastic bin to keep their things in. How is it that only one glove gets put away?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fall, pumpkins, apples and more

We have an apple orchard just down the road from where we live and each year they set up wagon rides so you can go pick your own apples. They also have a hay maze, a mini pumpkin patch and animals to look at. We went a few times this year with family and friends. Here are a few snap shots.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sandwiches and Such

When there are children in the home you can never be sure what is going to be said, or done.
Here's a few examples from this week.

T.J., Mak and Chatham decided they were going to make their own sandwiches and I was going to be the judge of which was best. They all had secret ingredients, as well as one common ingredient: Garlic Powder.

First taste: Toasted cheese with pistachios and garlic powder.
Second taste: Toasted cheese with turkey and garlic powder.
Third taste: Toasted cheese with smooshed banana and garlic powder.

Thankfully I only had to take one bite. They all finished their own sandwiches.

Chatham was assigned to read a book but he only read three chapters, I asked him why and he said "Mom, my hands got too sweaty!"

Then there is Jack, the king of the poochy lip. He was crying because I had told him no TV. So I said to stop the tears and the poochy lip, but he said "but it makes me happy".

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


We were able to see lots of family while in Flordia. My cousin, who used to live next door to me in California, now lives in Florida, so she and her husband brought their kids down to visit us. We had fun swimming and just hanging out. The other thing our family does is play games. Here we are getting a quick game of scrabble in before Disney World. Did I mention we happen to be early risers?

Bubba and Nana loved seeing their grandkids, but since Kayte had changed so much since they last saw her they had lots of fun with her.
Aunt Kayce and G.G.(Great Grandma) also flew out. The boys had lots of fun pointing out their Christmas wishes in all the magazines...especially Jack!


Since we were in Orlando we decided to do the Disney thing. We spent a very hot day at EPCOT, and never figured out where the name came from. Anyone know? Our Favorite thing was playing Viking after the Norwegian ride.

Though we enjoyed it there was something that didn't sit well with G.G. She's Swedish and so the Viking helmet didn't last long on her head.

Our Third stop: St. Augustine, Florida

We stopped at St. Augustine for a few hours, a place David and I visited over 12 years ago when we were engaged. We had TJ take a picture of us for old times sake - we've changed a bit since then!

The boys thought the old school house was neat, but they loved the "castle". The oldest fortress in the USA, complete with moat and draw bridge. But I think they liked the cannon demonstration by the dressed up soliders the best.

Such a fun thing for the boys....good thing Kayte didn't know it was her first birthday!

Our Second stop: Savannah, Georgia

Trying to break up our long drive to Florida, we stopped in Historic Savannah, Georgia. It was fun for Chatham, because Savannah is in Chatham County and he saw his name everywhere - he even said hi to the police officers with his name on their sleeves.

Our favorite spot was the candy store...of course.

We did the touristy thing and took a trolley tour of the town.

My fun kids

My fun kids
In their favorite tree