Saturday, June 30, 2007

Old Friends and their kids

After Cameron and Kayce's wedding David flew home and the kids and I drove to good ole Twain Harte where I had arranged to see some good old friends from High School. Heidi, Karen and I were a tri in those days, and we've spread out a bit so we haven't all three been together in many years.

This was the first opportunity I had to meet any of their children. We spent our time together relaxing by my parents creek while the kids built damns and explored. One child is missing from the picture...because he didn't want to be in it. It was so good to see them!

After they left I packed my bag again and drove my kids to see another old friend. This one is, believe it or not, from Elementary, summer camps, and college days. Jennafer has three boys and a girl, so our families meshed nicely.
We went to a lake we had gone to as children, and the kids had a blast. I don't have pictures of us - neither of us felt like posing in our suits. :) But here are a few shots of the kids. Kayte LOVED the water! She crawled in until the water hit her mouth.

All in all those were some special days for me. So good to see old friends.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


We did some counting last night and realized our kids now have 7 uncles, and in one month they'll have 6 aunts!

Friday night our family grew by one when Aunt Kayce got married to Uncle Cameron. They are now Mr. & Mrs. McClean (pronounced McClane). She was a beautiful bride, and it was an elegant wedding.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

all work and a bit of fun

Here are some more pictures of our land. David has had fun using the bulldozer from the greenhouse - the kids took turns riding with him. I'll have to get a recent picture, all the piles are now level. WE are waiting for mid-June (coming fast) for the foundation and walls to begin.

Meanwhile David is thrilled with his new chainsaw, and had to take it out for a spin. We took a family afternoon hike through our woods (5 acres worth) exploring trails that were started by others before us, and cutting down twigs and trees in our way. As long as we have our bug spray it's so much fun! Kayte was a trooper and actually fell asleep in the backpack.

End of School Start of Summer

We joyfully ended our school year with a field trip through our town of Oberlin. Quite interesting actually. The boy's favorite part was the original one room school house - complete with stilts to walk on outside.

Now we are in summer mode - we kicked that off with a Memorial day family party. To the kids summer means swimming and staying up late, but to Mom it means actually getting stuff done around the house.

With a move coming old store rooms and closets are getting a thourough sorting. Lot and lots to go to Goodwill and the dump! It feels so good!

My fun kids

My fun kids
In their favorite tree