Wednesday, September 26, 2007

She's Walking!

It's just one step, but it's only the beginning.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Funny how some things make you think. We went to a baseball game last Friday with a bunch of people that David works with. I didn't know who we were playing until we got to the gates...I had been sick and was just feeling better. Anyway, the irony was that T.J.'s Indians shirt was a little to find and I entertained the thought of giving him his A's Shirt (He would NEVER have worn it to an Indian's game though).
I don't claim to be a huge sports fanatic, but until I married David I didn't know who the Indians were. So here I was at a pretty important game for the Indians, watching one of the few teams I rooted for growing up. I can honestly say that I moved to Ohio 12 years ago, changed my name and address on my, drivers license, passport and social security card, but I was a Californian to the core. Now, after a decade of full time residence in this state, I look fondly back and where I grew up, miss my family and good friends dearly - as well as the weather, but this is home and I felt no shame in cheering for the Indians to victory over the Oakland A's.

Now for a commentary on our kids. To my right sat T.J. take note how he watched the game...with binoculars. To my left sat Mak, that would be his Dad's phone with games on it. He has little interest in sports.

Chatham was way down with a bunch of kids having the time of his life watching and spending time with his cousins (no photo).
We ended the evening with a great display of fire works to celebrate the victory! It was a fun night.

Birthday Bash

Ok, this is comical. We had a party last night for all the September, October vW birthdays. This includes Opa, Uncle Scott, Jack, cousin Gracie and Kayte. Opa got one of those musical cards, and the kids couldn't help themselves! On the dance floor is TJ, Mak, Todd, Hannah, Hailey and Chatham. Too bad it was a school night or they could have gone on for hours.

FYI - Jack's 3rd birthday is Friday, and Kayte's 1st birthday is a week from Friday.

Just in case you wonder...

Just in case any one wonders why we don't put a lot of pictures of Mak on the blog. We aren't sure if there is something wrong with him :).

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Just "normal" life for us.

Things have been pretty hectic here since school started. T.J. got a sore throat and cough and everything so that threw our routine off, then he graciously gave it to me. Therefore many things haven't been attended to, and I've been feeling a bit behind. I keep waiting for my energy to come back and my nose to stop running! With all the things I have to do, I'd really like to feel good while doing them. Dinner and dishes being on the top of that list!

That said, I have been encouraging the boys to play outside while they still can, the cold weather is just around the corner - we've had a few nights with frost already. So the other day they were outside while I was trying to find my countertops. Chatham came in and asked if we had any carrots. Now my kids are always asking for food, but that one seemed an odd request. But since my head hasn't been clear I didn't think much more about it until I walked past a window and saw our old fish bowl in the middle of the lawn. What to me seemed the stragest thing to the boys was just normal. When I asked why is was there, they said "it's a rabbit trap" - thus the need for carrots (they settled for some cabbage I just happend to have)

Mean while, as my inventors were scheming how to catch a rabbit, (did I mention we haven't actually seen a rabbit in our yard all year?) Jack was inside sitting at the table asking for cereal. As I mentioned my boys are always asking for food. It was 5:30 and I was making dinner so I said no. He began to pound the table saying he wanted cereal. I proceeded to igorne him, until I noticed it had gotten quiet. I guess the comfort of his blanket won out over hunger.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Sometimes the things our kids say put a smile on our faces, other times they just make us think. It's always fun watching a young child try and use his limited words to express something. Jack has, until now been our least verbal, prefering cries and grunts, so after many times of saying "God gave you words, use them" we are now getting to hear some fun things. We also have the joy of seeing our older children experiment with much larger words.
Here are a few examples:
Last week we arrived early to the evening service at church. Jack discovered some old books on a table that were just for decoration. He enjoyed opening them and laying them side by side. At least one was a song book. He pointed to it, looked at me and said "Jesus loves me". He then pointed to the next regular book and said "Jesus doesn't love me".

Some from the older boys:
At Dinner: "Mom, can I extract some salad from my plate and replace it with beans?"
On a bike ride: "Can we stop and get a drink? My lips are parched."
When asked to remember something: "Let me rewind my mind".

We are in full swing of school now, summer went especially fast this year and none of us were ready to start. Nevertheless we are doing it. From no real schedule to a rather full one including piano, flag football, Spanish class, Art class and field trips we are once again on the move. I do have to say the one thing I love about this is the reading we do together during school time. We are about to finish up the story of Joni Eareckson (Tada) and have been reminded of how God's grace is sufficient and there is Thanks to be given in every situation.

Time for school......

Monday, September 03, 2007

Family Trip to the Science Center

It was a hair raising experience for Mom. TJ has Rice Krispies flying out of his hand.
Dad, Chatham and Jack learned a bit about animation.
Mak (and TJ not photographed) took a ride on a high unicyle.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

For those interested..

This is a picture of what will be our front porch. The first floor should go down in the next week and a half, then we'll see height added...Here is the back of our house. The Cinder blocks are where the sunroom will be.
David is looking into the garage, but the holes for the door haven't been cut out yet, this is the one part of the lower level that hasn't been poured. We are waiting for it to be poured in order to back fill everything and start working on the next level. (and yes the garage will be taller than that) Technically this will all be below ground.
North West Corner of House, that is the front door area in the middle. The driveway is on the otherside of the house, along the tree line.

Good News

No pictures for this post. Sorry. But we had two exciting things this week. (One of which only Mom's may appreciate - and you'll understand why there is no photo). First, TJ went to the optholomogist this week and was told that he NEVER has to patch his eye again. He has had to patch on and off since he was 2 years old. We have few pictures of his with it because he is normal and felt self-conscious about it, and I tried to respect that. Needless to say we are thrilled that his lazy is almost completely straight, but even more so that where it is now it permanent.
Before I tell you the second thing I have to admit that I have been at this parenting thing for 10 years now and my least favorite of it all has been potty training. I'm on my fourth kid, and it hasn't gotten any easier. But, we made a break through and instead of just looking at the toilet, Jack actually used it! Again, you see why there is no photo! I have a feeling though that with him this is going to be a long road....

My fun kids

My fun kids
In their favorite tree