Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kayte's videos

Watch this one for a fun look at her smile. I get a kick at the end result!

This one you need to know a little background. We had just mixed up a batch of cookies and I went to put a dozen in the oven, but noticed that there were only 11 globs on the cookie sheet. Moments before this video was taken the missing blob was on the table. When I ran to get the camera Jack snatched it up and ate it. Kayte was eating it like it was a bobbing for apples contest: no hands, face first. Listen for her one word statement, it's quite an appropriate word for her to know having 4 brothers.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Last weekend we drove through Milan Ohio - the Birthplace of Thomas Edison, so we stopped at Family Invention Restaurant. Well, the food service was so slow it caused our children to be little inventors. Check out their structures made from jelly packs and half and half containers!

Friday, July 25, 2008

You be the's awfully close, and T.J. isn't happy that Mak is going to pass him up very soon.

We went to take pictures with Nina, and sometimes the camera snaps at the funniest moments.

Who needs instructions?

According to Mak instructions are boring. He usually builds what the paper says, then disassembles it and creates something totally different. Below is a Scorpion, with a moving tail. This is a S.W.A.T. truck large enough for 20 men. It's also a fun picture of Kayte's new smile :)

Mak has an inventive mind. He brought this into the kitchen this morning to show me. Now, this in nothing new, he is constantly bringing Lego creations out to show us. Watch closely and see if you can figure out how he did this....I couldn't. He had to open it up an show me. Even the neighbor girls were impressed.

Monday, July 07, 2008

4th of July

For us the 4th of July is a big event. We celebrate 4 birthdays at once. TJ, of course, but also Chatham (17th), Aunt Connie (7th) and Keri (9th). We started out the day very casually with the boys opening gifts - and the rest of us watching. Then we headed over to Opa and Oma's for swimming, ice cream cake, baseball, more gifts and ended the evening early (still daylight out) with sparklers. The boys got Mario Kart for their birthday, and we've been enjoying it as a family ever since :)
A special day when Daddy doesn't have to go to work!
Hailey, Blake and Kayte watching the baseball home run derby.
The three birthday baby's from our household!
It doesn't get dark early enough, but we had fun anyway!

T.J. won this round with 4 "home runs" over the cow fence. Do we live in the country or what? You can't tell from this video but right behind the guy on the fence is a bunch of cows, oblivious to the baseball game going on.

Duck Tape doesn't fix everything.

With all the flooding and loss of homes that has been going on in our nation, we have nothing to complain about. That said, here is our story. Last week we finally had someone come and clean out our future basement, then we had a HUGE storm. We went over to check and there was about a foot of water in our formerly clean basement. We thought perhaps that it was too much for the sump pump to handle so we ordered another to make sure this doesn't happen again.
While installing the new one they discovered that a piece of duck tape had covered the other one and prevented it from working. We were doing some yard work and sent the boys down to squeegee and shovel out the basement. They thought they were in heaven. The wall behind them on the top picture is the same wall below. We aren't sure how much they scooped out, but they had a blast!

Here are my feet (ugly I know) - shoes were too slippery. I show you this so you can see how much muck was down there, and to tell you that after I worked down there my clothes were clean. Mak on the other hand, as seen in the video below, had a bit too much fun.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

playing on the swingset

Just some fun shots and video of Jack and Kayte playing at Opa and Oma's house while their big brothers swam. The video sounds are bad because there were lawn mowers going. Kayte may be little but she has no fear!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Big brothers are home!

It was a quiet week last week with TJ and Mak at their Uncle Chris and Aunt Carolyn's house. Plus Chatham had VBS, so Jack and Kayte had to learn how to play with each other - once that was done it was very quiet, but ever since Sunday night when Mak busted into the house announcing "We're Home" it's been a whole different story. Jack and Kayte are glad to have him back.
Here's an after picture of Jack's stitches. We're putting scar medicine on it daily, but so far we think it's looking pretty good. What we didn't tell you is that after he'd taken it easy for a week because of the stitches we realized that he couldn't lift his head because he had whiplash! We've finished medication for that, and he's almost back to his normal contrary self!

My fun kids

My fun kids
In their favorite tree