Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Opa's 60th Birthday Party

We put a lot of time and effort into planning what turned out to be a very fun evening.
Dad reminded us a while back that his 60th was coming and he hinted not so subtly that he would like a we went all out. To honor his Dutch Heritage it was an Orange themed night - complete with every male wearing an orange tie! Us girls had to be creative with our jewelry.
Ties of such a color aren't the easiest to come by so the boys had to wear the same size as the men...and needed a bit of help. Uncle Wesley was our tie hero for the evening!
Even though we did try on our own.
In the end Uncle Wes stepped up to the plate!

Out of the 120 attending there were only 6 T.J. came prepared.
Our three oldest sons managed to pretend they like each other long enough for a picture!
All of Dad's siblings that were able to attend.
Chatham has hit a stage where he avoids the camera - I think he thinks it's a game, because he knows how much we love pictures, but I caught this one and I am so glad I did.

Fall has arrived, and we love it!

Each Fall we go down the road to Apple Hill - more than once.
They have pumpkins, hay mazes, animals, silly scarecrows and of course Apples - plus a neat little shop for all your baking needs. And for the first time all my kids cooperated in the "family tree"
Kayte didn't really enjoy the apple picking part. I think she only picked one.
The kids always love the wagon ride over to the orchard.
Mak and his buddy Matthew - the return ride with bags full of apples.

Jack was my taste tester "This one's bitter Mom"

Chatham was my bulldog and filled my bag, insisting that the best ones were on the high branches so he had to climb.

They can't resist or wait until later. I always make sure they are hungry before we go!

TJ and his best friend since he was 5, Zach

Getting home and Making Apple Crisp.
Mak thinks eating the spiral apples our peeler makes is a lot of fun.
As well as the very long peel it makes!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Once upon a dream!

Okay this story needs background information
for anyone outside our immediate family to understand.
Without getting into too much detail, you need to know that

Kayte early on earned the nickname "Tooty"
and David has been telling her bedtime stories about Princess Tooty.

We had a birthday party for July - October birthdays.
So Kayte got to get a few presents early, and one of her gifts was the movie
Sleeping Beauty
(since she's been exposed to way too many boys movies!)
David insisted that he get to watch it with her for the first time,
which we did the other night.

Kayte started out cuddly with T.J. but her Daddy would have none of that!

As we watched I was surprised by several things.
  • My boys actually watched.
  • They had many comments that started with "in the book....."
  • Kayte fell asleep while watching it.

So today Kayte wanted to watch it again - since she slept through the end, and she called it the Princess Tooty movie! Sleeping Beauty's official name is Aurora, and her Peasant name is Briar Rose, but to our family she shall forever more be known as Princess Tooty!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hanging out at our house!

David was changing lightbulbs and Kayte wanted to go up the ladder.
She got to the top and clung to him! 10 feet up is high for a little girl.
Mak holding his new cousin Johnny! We were making lunch the other day and looked out the window and saw a blimp
(its to the left of Chatham's head) It looked a lot closer in real life!
Uncle Wesley, Aunt Abby and Oma came to dinner one night.
Gracie, Kayte and Will - not sure why they are all leaning :)

Kayte, Curtis and Chatham...
The "Big cousins
Cup Stacking!
Doing a little house cleaning.

My fun kids

My fun kids
In their favorite tree