Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mak's Sleep Over

Mak's birthday is next week. Since it is close to Thanksgining he tends to have birtday cake and pumpkin pie with family. He asked if he could have friends over this year. We didn't call it a birthday party, but more like my birthday gift to him.

A few years back Mak found himself surrounded by mostly girls and was jealous of his brothers who had boys their age they enjoyed. We began to pray that God would bring Mak some friends. So yesterday was also a celebration of answered prayer!
Five friends were invited and told to bring dark clothes and Nerf guns - with marked bullets.

Four of the boys arrived a little earlier than the 5th, so they waited in ambush.Once they had all arrived it was time for the true battle.

Mak and his brothers have been working on and enjoying these Nerf War Forts for weeks now!

When David came home with the pizza he brought with him 2 red pots from work, new for the Christmas season. After dinner he gave all the boys a ping-pong ball and challenged them to come up with the most creative trick to get it to land in a pot - and it had to be repeatable. They started by bouncing off the walls, but couldn't get it to go in consistently. Various tricks were attempted: off someone's head, rolling down the stairs like a slinky, over the balcony, then they discovered the bookcase and car tracks...

Would it be a group of boys getting together
if video games weren't part of the fun?

The next morning, after at least a few hours of sleep, and after all of the Nerf bullets had been collected and repacked, they went outside in this chilly weather and spent the rest of their time together jumping (I had to request they stop moving for the picture). It was such an enjoyable time, we will have to do it again sometime!

My fun kids

My fun kids
In their favorite tree