Saturday, November 24, 2012

Long Time No See

We got to talking tonight as a family about a video I posted on here years ago.  So I pulled it up to view.  I can't believe it's been two full years since I have posted anything.  Facebook really did kill my blog, because the main purpose of this site originally was for long distance family to be able to see pictures and view videos of our kids and life. 

Google has made efforts to join things like Facebook and Blogger and everything else, so I "might" be back.  Though my purpose will have changed. Perhaps this might become a place for more serious thought - you know, the ones I have in those rare moments of silence.  :) One thing is for sure the title of the blog is still appropriate.  Noise not only describes our little girl, but also the general theme of our home.  For now, just a little update to the slight few who might stop by and read. 

             A trip to New York - and a tour through the New York Stock Exchange.  October 2012

This is my 11th year of home schooling my children: T.J. is in 10th Grade, Mak 8th, Chatham 6th, Jack 2nd and Kayte Kindergarten.  In some ways it has been the hardest yet.  High School schedules, struggling learning, discontent children, overcommitted Mom just to name a few factors. 

High School brings with it chaos out of the home - for home schoolers we aren't home much lately.   I have realized that there are lots of good opportunities out there, but I shouldn't say yes to all of them.  We are striving to endure through the commitments we have made and finish well - Christmas break please come quickly! I believe less would be much more edifying for our family.  Overcommitting can be a strong tool of Satan to keep us distracted from the truly important things.  This semester I have parked my brain on 1 Peter chapter 1.  Peter knew his audience was distracted too, by the persecutions around them.  I have nothing to complain about or fear, but I do have things that take my focus on the important things.  Peter reminds them, and me, over and over to fix our minds on the things above, and live accordingly.  The glorious inheritance we have, the holy God who chose us and what a Christian's response should be, keep coming to mind.  Why am I so distracted by the perishable and temporal? 

I am getting older, and it is showing in my patience and enthusiasm.  I have to remind myself to be all there for my younger two.  One wants all my attention and is never satisfied with anything, the other wants nothing to do with school or anything else.  Sometimes I want to hide in my room from both responsibilities to teach them - be it character building or sentence structure.  Then I am reminded by Peter again of an eternal perspective, taking the easy way out doesn't benefit them, and the long term results are worth it.  I just have to use self control and make myself do it. 

Just a few random thoughts as I glanced at my long lost blog.  In many, many ways I enjoy this stage of my life far more than when I had little ones with nap time and diapers, I am just learning to adjust and make wise decisions in this new phase. 

My fun kids

My fun kids
In their favorite tree