Friday, February 29, 2008

Things that make me smile.

Sometimes it's just what they say, sometimes it's jsut what they do and how they respond to things, and sometimes it's how God answers prayers, but the end result is a laugh or a smile.

Here are my examples for the week:

When I woke T.J. up yesterday morning he said "and I was just having a really good dream" I asked if it was about a girl and he said "no, it was about pasta."

I was trying to take Jacks picture but he kept closing his eyes...see the picture. He said "take it again and I won't turn my eyes off".

For Chatham, we went to the dermotologist this morning to see why his face has been losing pigment. Notice how white he is? Having done some research online the only thing that fit the description was vitiligo - a sister disease to alopecia (what Mak has), all the symptoms fit so we took him in. What he actually has is a form of eczema that leeches pigment, and is treatable within a months time. I had been prepared for the worst, and was so thankful to hear this. We hadn't told too many people about this because there is no threat to his if you hadn't heard don't be upset :). After we left the clinic Chatham called T.J. and said "It's not a terrible disease, I can take medicine for it." He asked if I could get two bottles of the medicine, but I explained that one will be enough. How could you not smile when looking at that precious face? My children are such a blessing.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting dumped on.

Just when Spring was beginning to peak it's head around the corner, Winter had to make it know we're still on it's turf.

On Monday night we went out to eat with an old college friend - great to see you Jim -, note the light jackets.

When we woke up on Tuesday the radio was announcing all the school is now Wednesday morning and still snowing!

So Tuesday afternooon/evening the kids and I went over to aunt Mona's (because David and uncle Scott were out of town). While the mom's and toddlers stayed inside by the fire the kids were sledding and building snow forts out of the plowed snow. They were even treated later to a snowmobile ride by uncle C.J. and I tried to ge pictures but I literally only got snow!

This is what our patio table looked like this morning.

Monday, February 18, 2008

That kind of defeats the purpose.

This video speaks for itself.

That's a lot of styrofoam

The roof panels and the sunroom are done, and would you believe they are all made out of styrofoam? Here are shots from the back and front of the house. It was an exciting week to see this all go up so quickly!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

nothing specific

We are still in the potty training stage...we actually took a break and this time around it's going much better. But Jack still can't tell the back from the front of his underwear. That coupled with his sock gloves and goggles made for quite a few laughs from his brothers.
Kayte is just hanging out these days. Trying to take over everyone elses things. She loves Jack's car and my computer. The power button is just her height. She is now tall enough to climb up onto couches and go even higher. We have one sofa next to our kitchen and several times I have found her on the kitchen counter. She is a handful!!

And for those of you who enjoyed the mole story...we caught two more (but this time with traps).

Here's our house with the beginning of roof support. The weather here has put things to a halt though, lots of school closings due to either windchill or snow.
TJ is up on what will be our attic floor looking down at our vehicles.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Boring post but it's progress

Ok, not only is this a boring post, but the pictures and my sentences are not lining up. Basically we have a picture of the front of our house - skeletal form stone work and such to be added later.
We also have a shot taken looking out the front door and up the balcony. Then a shot looking down from upstairs out to the sunroom. The picture with David talking with our
builder - yes it's VERY cold here - is in the future sunroom. There is a shot taken from the drive way and if you look close you can tell where the drained pond is. And the other shot is of the garage with the master bed and bath windows above. I took more pictures of the interior which is all framed in, but on the pictures it just looks like a bunch of wood everywhere.

My fun kids

My fun kids
In their favorite tree